Easy fundraising for your community

The way you organize fundraising within your community is a vital part of collecting all necessary funds. Collect all the money your community needs in an easy and strucured way by using Genkgo Sales.

Work on a project basis

The application is built around projects, making the fundraising process easier and more organized. Once you've created a project, you can assign them to members from your community. These members are responsible for reaching the set target. To know who to reach out to, companies can be added as prospects. Every project has its own dashboard page, which shows you how far you are in reaching the target.

Professional fundraising

For good fundraising it is important that all members responsible for a project are up to date about everything concerning the project. Genkgo Sales allows you to keep track of contactmoments with external parters, to ensure professional communication.

Keep track of fundraising

Register the amount of sponsor money you agreed on with a prospect, upload contracts, or add a request to call back. Genkgo Sales offers a complete solution for the entire fundraising proces and allows you to earn more money in an easy and structured way.