A powerful relationship management solution

Administer all stakeholders of your community: members, prospects, sponsors and volunteers

A smart database

Genkgo Organization is a smart database that securely stores the data of all the stakeholders in your community. It is more than just a member database. By integrating with all other applications and features, it is the heart of the Genkgo ecosystem.

Connected data

Data kept in Genkgo Organization is directly available to other applications. This way there is no need to copy and paste it from one place to the other.
By connecting this application to a website or mobile app, members of the community can login and keep their own data up-to-date. It gives members control and ensures that your data remains fresh.

Organize your community

The software is flexible and able to fit the unique structure of your community. An administor has full control over the the database, the characteristics of the profiles and the fields that are being kept. You decide what data is collected. You can create unlimited folders, groups and dynamic selections based on specific data.

Unlimited profiles

Genkgo Organization has support for profiles of both individuals and organizational members. The number of profiles you can create is unlimited by default. It is suited for both very small communities - with less than 100 members - and large ones with over 10,000 members.

Automate transactional messages

To reduce the amount of work in communicating for changing memberships, you are able to send automatic messages. For example, with this feature new members can automatically receive a welcome message and you can let people know you are sorry to see them go when they leave your community. Moreover, if you combine this feature with dynamic selections, you can create automated messages on every criteria within your administration.