Create and manage your own mobile app for your entire community

In this modern day era where everyone is online all the time, you can easily reach your members with a mobile application. With Genkgo Mobile you are in control of the mobile app of your community. Create content, secure areas and send push notifications.

Create your own content

We offer a well designed application that fits your corporate identity, while you are completely in charge of the content of the mobile app. You can make different area's, that each have their  own content and can be made accessible to different groups within your community. Next you add different modules to those areas, like announcements, activities or photo albums. By assigning different groups to different areas, you are in control of who gets to see what. The content of the mobile app is directly linked to other Genkgo applications. For example, the photo album module is linked to the Website application. 

User statistics

Gengko Mobile allows you to have insight in the usage of your mobile app. The statistics show you how many users there are, and on how many (and which) devices the mobile app is downloaded. The mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS.