Send emails in bulk that look beautiful on every screen and device

Genkgo Communication helps you send bulk email that perfectly fits your organization’s visual identity. E-mails sent with Genkgo Communication are responsive so that it gets your message out on a smartphone, tablet and PC.

Communication as part of your ecosystem

Unlike other bulk mail solutions on the web, Genkgo Communication is integrated in a fully developed ecosystem and therefore *directly connected* to your CRM. Compose an email, and select your reciptients within a few clicks. No need to copy and paste privacy-sensitive information. You can make selections from all available folders and groups made in Genkgo Organization. Every individual email automatically gets a formal or informal salutation based on the recipients user data. This way you can address every recipient in an appropriate and personal way.

Build engagement and generate more traffic

Genkgo Communication will be a valuable part of your marketing mix. Use it for announcements, calls for action, and overall engagement building with the members of your community. With Communication you can measure the effectiveness of the emails you send, and adjust your content to gain more attention for your activities, news and events.

A cost effective solution

With Genkgo Communication you can build a sustainable connection with your members. Unlike other bulkmail solutions for the web you won't be charged per item or campaign; you can send as many emails as you like.